Hi there, how have you all been?

This week was somewhat of a compulsive one. I didn’t played half the time I did later weeks, but when I did it was all about Dungeons of Dredmor (Steam). o.o Finally got around the Tinkering, Alchemy and Smithing levels and what they’re up to–not checking any wiki, mind you–and now I believe I’m making some steady progress. Still doubting it’s beatable though. :P

New Stuff! Me and my girl are the flea market type, and every now and then we strike some gold amidst our pathologic cumulative disease. lol This was one of such times: got only a single game, and I’ll cherish it from now on. :)


Can you recognize this?

Yep, the very first Fire Emblem ever! I’m a big fan of the series and never had the chance to try any of the older entries in my life… Until now–and I’m up for quite a great start, it seems. :) I’ll manage to fit this in my schedule ASAP.

Done for now. Back to Dredmor… :P

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you all been?

With my playtime rate still on the highs, January is been promising for hitting my backlog hard. :) Steam was my weapon of choice this week and I played a bit of Lucid (some sort of barebones casual puzzle), the famed Titan Souls (which has crashed on me when I killed both the 1st and the 2nd bosses and is pissing me off) and mostly ye ol’ Dungeons of Dredmor, a roguelike that intrigued me from the very first time I tried it. This time around I’m getting the grips of its idiosyncrasies and I hope I can beat it. :)


Every time I play it something new shows up: this time a… monolith?!

Achievements! Nothing less than THREE beats this week! Yay! Again, all Steam titles. First, Metal Slug 3 (the worst of Steam’s trio); then The Nightmare Cooperative (a nice simple roguelike with a puzzle twist); and last but not least, Nova-111, my favorite title back in last year’s BIG Festival. It can grow a bit of dragging but it’s still cool enough. :)

New Stuff! Last week I talked about getting a Pokémon Y (3DS)… Well, it got worse. lol Pokémon Omega Ruby was also added to my pile of shame and it’s sucking my time already… The thing is utterly gorgeous. I guess Y will only serve the purpose of providing alien pkmn to my now-main game. Also, the only game David Bowie took part in his prolific life, Omikron, was given for free this week by Square Enix, so I had to grab it. Still shocked and sad by the way. :(

Game Gear

Got this tiny Game Gear lot too, but I’m still deciding what to keep…

Done for now. Dredmor, could I beat you? ~.~

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you all been?

Yup, 2016 had a great start for me gaming-wise since I’ve been able to play almost as much as I was playing on my vacation. That means I’m still ahead of myself and nailed more stuff than got new ones–at least for now, so let me brag for a week. lol

Achievements! Well, my first major achievement for this year is already here: I beat the original Metroid (NES) on 3DS‘s Virtual Console! Of course, doing so there is much easier than doing it in the original hardware and all… But that doesn’t mean it’s easy in the slightest. It was only possible when I decided to make a map of it… on Excel. -.- Now it opens the way for me to tackle Game Boy‘s Metroid II (which I own since its release) properly… And doing a master run of Super Metroid down the line. :)

Also, I’ve been through some terrific time playing the SNK games I got in that late 2015’s Humble Bundle… In a way it’s like playing Metal Slug in casual mode since it feels good beyond words not to be worried about coins. lol In that mood I’m done with both number 1 and 2–which is on Steam as the remastered version, called “X”–and I intend to keep it going in the following weeks or so. :)

Metal Slug co-op

‘Twas hard to find someone to play with online, but it proved to be a terrific time as always. :)

New Stuff! Obviously being infatuated brings severe consequences. lol That meant I’ve added the free-to-play Metal Slug Defense to my collection–raising the pile of shame–in the high hopes it will be a decent enough homage to the series. Also, got Pokémon Y (3DS) in a trade and can’t figure out if starting it will suck my life out or if I’m just down and out with the series. To be continued…

Done for now. Pixel crunch FTW!

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you been?

Well, just like I did the other year I’m here to share what games made me happy for the last 12 months–and as always that doesn’t necessarily mean they were released last year–much more on contrary since I’m an old fart and all. :P Also, the “high priority” list proved to be a tough nut to crack, so I won’t develop it that further this time around. :P

Time killers!

This was the year I delved into F2P games and has acknowledged their small-chunks-time-consuming power. If I needed to put together a most-played (playtime-wise) list Marvel Puzzle Quest (Android) and Pokémon Rumble World (3DS Download) would lead the way… Which is food for thought to say the least. -.- lol


Ah, those Japan beauties… How not to love ’em? :) It was a decent-enough year for my 8-bit Nintendos overall: Hatris and Adventure Island II and III (which are big favs) on the Famicom and Tower of Druaga plus a shooter fix with Final Reverse and Nemesis on Game Boy rocked hard–played through all of them (lying, not Druaga) to credits.


Hatris… Oh, and Mercenary Force, it has a beautiful manual. :)

I’m also glad to have grabbed ChuChu Rocket from the Android Play Store right before SEGA pulling it out… ‘Twas a quite an interesting first contact with Dreamcast games. :)


It was a year for getting shit done: Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS), ibb & obb (PSN), World of Goo (Steam) and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (NDS) were all played throughout the former year and beaten in 2015; QuackShot (Mega Drive), Superman and Zaxxon (2600)–which were puzzling when I was a kid–were seen to the end; stumbling upon a copy of Puyo Puyo (GBA) made me open another way of thinking and manage to nail the hard-as-hell Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (Steam, Mega Drive); and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, the hardest of NDS‘s Castlevanias, was completed. :)


Those medals are for PERFECT boss kills, mind you. ~.~

New Year’s Must Play!

Now I know that making an ENTIRE list of games to play over one year is overly unreal. lol So I’ll stick to a single most-wanted–maybe even for a “complete” status: Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final (3DS). It probably will be my only first print edition this year.banner

That’s it for now. Once again I wish a much better year for us all and having more fun with our beloved games. :)

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you all been?

Well, I guess I’m really managing to space out as intended. :) If it wasn’t for Steam’s later mess I believe I’d be able to dent my backlog even more… :(

Anyway I’ve been playing through a myriad of different games: the usual Pokémon Rumble World (3DS Download) and Marvel Puzzle Quest (Android), started Nova-111 and Cave Story+ @Steam, messed a lot more with the original Metroid from my Ambassador games, played a couple retro SEGA games… But it was the portable front that gave me beats. :)


Shinobi on Game Gear is surprisingly solid.

Achievements! One, a bit of an oldie; the other a more modern one. Mario Party DS was the most ‘meh’ entry I played in the series–despite having some bright sides too–and CRUSH3D was a grateful surprise on 3DS. It’s was clearly developed by a small indie team but it still holds up decently.

Done for now. Back to Steam?

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you all been?

Sorry for last week’s abscence, but I’m having a tough time with a big music project and had to tackle it past Monday. In fact I’m still working on it, but now I’ll have a couple weeks vacant from my other three jobs and (hopefully) I’ll have more time to kill it for good.

I usually work even more in vacation time because it’s when I put my personal projects in the front burner, but I’m in need of some space-out time this year… So my plans now are to consume things I gather. lol That means playing more games, reading more books/comics and listening to more vinyl albums. I’ll try hard not to… try too hard… I guess. õ.Ô

New Stuff! An awesome Neo Geo Humble Bundle. How could I pass that up? :P I only wish it had the very first Samurai Shodown in it above anything else, but I can’t really complain about that. Metal Slug galore and plenty of fighting classics will entertain me for ages. :)

If it wasn’t enough I got a beautiful white GBA with two extra fighting games… Gotta get good on that, I guess. :P


Gonna keep Street Fighter Alpha 3, not so sure about The King of Fighters though…

Achievements! Got another quick diversion down on Steam, Faerie Solitaire. I’d love to complete it, but that depends heavily on luck from now on and I can’t bear that. :( Also played to quite interesting indie games to the end and I highly recommend both: orchids to dusk and The Wild Flower’s Song. As always the indie scene keeps refreshing us. :)

orchids to dusk

Gorgeous and touching.

Done for now. More Xmas items on auction! :)

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you all been?

It’s time to admit: this will be my worst year when it comes to backlog-growing since I started this blog–Jan 2012. o.o But still… I definitely spent much less money this time around due to much funnier flea market visits–which even raise my income through some interesting finds being sold… While some of those stick with me and I can’t seem to be able to part with. lol Anyway, for this week I’ve only got digital ones. :)

New Stuff! Steam sale! It’s been a year since my last Steam buy due to problems with Brazillian credit cards… And they still doesn’t work actually–just like Nintendo’s eShop don’t. So a boleto had to do the trick, despite its extra taxes and all… -.- Well, I REALLY wanted to play Nova-111 (my favorite BIG Festival game), so I couldn’t let it pass. Also, got a bunch of indies to mess around with: Clickr, Titan Souls, Stacking and Hexcells.

Other than that, two free games were added to my backlog, one of them a terrific surpising one: Shadow Complex Remastered! I always wanted to play it back in the day but it was a X360 Arcade exclusive and I never had such a machine in my house… Quite interesting stuff–still my video card can’t run it, so… ~.~ Go grab it before it’s still late. ;)

Shadow Complex

A kickass Metroidvania.

The other one was Jade Empire from Origin… Not quite sure about what to think on this one. :)

Done for now. Oh, check my latest auction out! A bunch of BR Tec Toy Master System games. :)

See ya, take care!